This web space has been created having in mind any photography lover that is out there. After some time spent to pursue this passion of mine, I've decided it's time to try and give back some of it, hoping that it could be enjoyed.


I'd feel blessed if any of my shots can raise a hint of a feeling in anybody looking at it.


I love taking pictures. And I've always felt a sort of creative pull.

Being a fully-squared engineer, quite control-freak, makes this a kind of dark side of my personality. But no matter how hard I've always tried, I've never had any meaningful talent in creative arts. That's probably why I ended up with photography. I 'just' have to capture what's already there.

I wish it was that simple.


The collection is simply divided into two sections, not specifically sorted, one with digital photos, the other with shots taken on film.

Feel free to visit the website periodically, I'll keep adding more, my passion won't fade for a while, I believe.